For over 68 years Hazoorilal has been a jeweller who has cherished the importance of heritage, style and innovation. The brand Hazoorilal was founded by Hazoorilal Narang in the year of India’s independence.

With an eye for detail and understanding of a woman’s desire for seeking a design that has international sensibility,Hazoorilal jewellers soon moved to south Delhi to expand their footprints in the city.Hazoorilal was one of the first jewellers to open a store in Defence colony from where he moved to Greater Kailash Part 1,which is the flagship store and a home to Hazoorilal for over three decades.

Both pioneering and rooted in tradition, Sandeep Narang, managing director and chief designer joined the family enterprise at a young age of 18 and meticulously honed his skills for years while gaining the industry wisdom of the business from his father. He now presents to the Generation Next, one of India’s most trusted jewellery houses- Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang at Greater Kailash- Part 1.

Sandeep Narang maybe in his early forties but this year he celebrates his silver jubilee in the business. He not only has the lineage but also the foresight, expertise and entrepreneur’s acumen to bring the promise of Hazoorilal to the next generation.

The knowledge Sandeep acquired under direct training by his father has been the most inspiring and guiding factor that has stood him in good stead and has encouraged him to take the lineage further which has been sparkling since 1952.

As jewellers, Hazoorilal has established a strong stamp of recognition, quality and credible reputation and their customers continue to be loyal to the brand for three generations now. The heritage of Hazoorilal patrons also narrates the tales of aristocracy with prestigious clientele that include the Royal Families of Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Driven by passion and deep love for jewellery, Sandeep Narang travels extensively across the globe in his quest to be abreast with latest international trends and as he strategically drives the footprint of Hazoorilal in world markets. From UK to Switzerland, Europe, Far & Middle East, he participates in leading international shows. As Sandeep explores the world through his frequent travels, he draws inspiration from his journeys to blend traditional Indian style with contemporary style trends.

It is no wonder then that Hazoorilal By Sandeep Narang designs have been seen on the international red carpet at both the Oscars and the BAFTAs. Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford and Actor Regina King are some of the international celebrities who have graced the red carpet donning their exquisite pieces.

Hazoorilal was also among the first jewellery houses to introduce certified diamonds to their clientele. Today Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang is also the only brand in India to present the Lily Cut and Orchidea Cut diamond which are truly one of their kind pieces.

The Lily cut diamond has 65 facets compared to the princess cuts 43 facets. This is a real fancy cut and distinct for its craftsmanship. The Orchidea, as its name suggests, has the delicacy and beauty of flower petals and its shape is made of 61 facets. Indeed Sandeep aspires to give the Indian customer something unique and special by using these very special cuts in his designs.

In heritage Indian jewellery, the lineage of Hazoorilal is unparalleled for heirloom pieces. Renowned for diamonds, gold, polki, kundan jewellery, and one of the early pioneers of coloured diamonds, their repertoire is also one of the largest in the country.

Following on the footsteps of his father, Sandeep is building on the foundation that his next generation will take further. His twenty-year old daughter Tanya has done her diamond certification from Antwerp’s HRD and is pursuing a course in fashion styling from Pearl Academy. Sandeep’s son though young at 15, is as passionate about jewels as his father was at his age and enjoys spending time to get the behind the scenes and understand the nuances of timeless jewels.

Sandeep’s mantra in life is “to always stay on top of the curve”. Punctual by nature, he devotes painstaking attention to build a strong rapport with clients. Warmth and hospitality with personalized attention is an integral part of guest experience at Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang store.

Sandeep’s vision is to expand the eponymous label in accordance with his father’s guiding design philosophy to international markets and continue to innovate and strive for new benchmarks in quality, creativity and design.

The Flagship store at Greater Kailash Part 1 has been revamped with a state of the art reflecting a modern European look.

The new addition to the brand is their outlet at the ITC Maurya in September 2015 which has further established the brand presence Hazoorilal By Sandeep Narang is now open at The DLF Emporio Vasant Kunj thus further enhancing the luxury brand established over a period six decades.